10 Super Bowl prop bets including ‘Doink Special’ and ‘Fat Man TD’

10 Super Bowl prop bets including ‘Doink Special’ and ‘Fat Man TD’

In Sunday’s Super Bowl, Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will take on Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. This clash of star quarterbacks could be the most-bet-on Super Bowl in history.

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular betting days of the year, and you can bet on pretty much everything, including things that don’t really have anything to do with football. These are called “prop bets,” and some of them cover things like the coin toss, how long the national anthem will last and what color the Gatorade shower will be.

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For people not familiar with oddsmaking, a “-” symbol indicates a favorite and a “+” symbol indicates an underdog. For example, a $100 bet placed on a +200 side would net a $200 profit, in addition to getting back the original $100. For favorites, it would take a $150 bet to win $100 on something with the odds -150. You can use a probability calculator for a more conventional percentage breakdown.

Some of the odds listed are courtesy of offshore gaming sites, which are not subject to the same restrictions and regulations U.S. sportsbooks like DraftKings

are. The below odds are courtesy of offshore gaming site Bovada, unless otherwise indicated.

Coin toss

Heads -103

Tails -103

Heads or tails? The coin toss is the simplest bet on the board. Every year, this bet returns to the list of available Super Bowl bets — people can’t stay away. Even though a coin toss is a 50/50 gamble, people historically bet on heads at a 56% rate, according to BetOnline.ag. Odds courtesy of DraftKings.

National anthem length

Over 1 minute 59 seconds +100

Under 1 minute 59 seconds -140

Another popular bet that cashes before the game starts is the length of the national anthem. This year, the national anthem will be performed by Jazmine Sullivan And Eric Church, and the deep dive into one of the singer’s past has already begun.

Sullivan sang the anthem at an NHL game in 2016, lasting a minute and 38 seconds.

How many songs will be played during the halftime show?

Over 8 songs -200

Under 8 songs +150

Pop artist The Weeknd will be playing this year’s Pepsi halftime show, and how many songs he performs will be closely watched by bettors.

How many times will Gisele Bundchen be shown?

Over 1.5 times -240

Under 1.5 times +165

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, the wife of Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, usually attends games where her husband is competing. 

Because Brady has been in the Super Bowl nine times before, this bet has been a mainstay for gamblers over Brady’s career.

Will Biden be mentioned?

Yes +650

No -1400

NFL broadcasts usually like to steer clear of political talk and just focus on the game, but the U.S. just had a polarizing election a few months prior. The odds that President Biden’s name will be mentioned during the broadcast seem to be low according to the odds, but not implausible

There has been no reporting that would indicate President Biden will attend the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, which would be the clearest way for him to be shown, and thus mentioned during the game

U.S. presidents frequently attend big sporting events. Former President Trump attended the World Series and the College Football Playoff championship while he was in office.

“Doink Special”

Yes +375

No -590

Will any field goal or extra point attempt hit uprights or crossbar? This bet can be found on DraftKings and other U.S. sportsbooks.

What color will the first liquid be that is poured on the game winning coach?

Red +160

Orange +165

Lime/Green/Yellow +320

Clear/Water +700

Blue +800

Purple +1100

Commonly known as the “Gatorade shower” for the winning coach. Last year, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid was doused in orange Gatorade when his team won the Super Bowl. 

Who will win Super Bowl MVP?

Patrick Mahomes -106 

Tom Brady +210 

Tyreek Hill +1200 

Travis Kelce +1300 

Leonard Fournette +2500

The MVP of the Super Bowl typically comes from the team that wins the game, although that is not mandatory. The MVP is chosen by a group of 16 media members and electronic fan voting. The media panel accounts for 80% of the vote, and while the fans ballots make up the other 20%.

Who the MVP will thank first?

Teammates -150

God or Jesus +210

Family +550

City +650

Coach +1400

Owner +1600

Doesn’t Thank Anyone +1400

The Super Bowl MVP is interviewed right after the game and oftentimes he famously yells, “I’m going to Disney World!” But bettors will be looking for who the MVP will thank first. Last year, Patrick Mahomes mentioned his teammates first during his MVP speech.

“Fat Man TD”

Yes +800

No -2000

This one of the few bets on this list that has to do with actual gameplay. DraftKings sportsbooks has listed this bet and it will cash if any offensive or defensive linemen scores a touchdown at the Super Bowl. Bettors will be in line for a huge payout if one of the big guys gets into the end zone.

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