7 reasons stocks are a buy even as bond yields climb, strategist says

These are the last days of small government and the Biden administration will make sure of that


Stocks are under pressure at the start of the week, as bond yields rise on hopes a global economic recovery is around the corner. See full story.

Houston mayor says Texas should pay some consumers’ massive utility bills

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said Sunday that the state of Texas should pay the massive utility bills some Texas consumers are facing following last week’s historic winter storm that knocked out power and sent energy prices skyrocketing. See full story.

Silicon Valley is not suffering a tech exodus, and money is flowing in at record rate — for a fortunate few

Despite reports of an exodus, Silicon Valley remains the tech capital of the world, with new data showing continued record investment in the industry in 2020 and no overall declines in jobs and population in the region. See full story.

Tesla bitcoin gambit already made $1 billion, more than 2020 profit from car sales, estimates analyst

Prominent technology analyst Dan Ives estimates that Telsa’s investment in bitcoin has minted a digital paper profit of about $1 billion, as the price of the asset soars to records. See full story.

Disney+ is finally streaming ‘The Muppet Show’: Here’s why some scenes — and whole episodes — are missing

While fans cheered Friday when Disney+ made all five seasons of “The Muppet Show” available for streaming for the first time ever, some grumbled that the collection is not complete, with missing episodes and excised musical sequences. See full story.


‘Why is it so hard for the richest family in America to just do what they should have done years ago?’ one worker asked. See full story.

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