Even Reddit is beginning to discuss the endgame for the wild GameStop ride

These are the last days of small government and the Biden administration will make sure of that


When are the meteoric gains for videogames retailer GameStop going to stop? Perhaps one sign is that there is a discussion of the subject on the Reddit message board that fueled the run. See full story.

Sanofi teams up with BioNTech and Pfizer to help fix Europe’s vaccine shortage

Unusual collaboration will see Sanofi supply more than 125 million doses of Pfizer–BioNTech COVID shot from the summer. See full story.

Get ready for Apple’s first $100 billion quarter in history

Even a pandemic can’t stop Apple Inc. from hitting new records. The smartphone giant is likely to post its first-ever quarter with revenue above $100 billion Wednesday. See full story.

The AMD that investors bet on is finally here

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has finally achieved many of its big goals that investors have been banking on over the past few years, as they drove its shares to become the biggest gainer in the S&P500 two years in a row. Now comes the the conundrum. See full story.

The ‘ice is cracking’ on the bull market, one stock-market analyst warns

U.S. stocks have been hanging around record highs recently amid broader participation by individual investors, but now cracks are starting to form in the foundation of the bull market, according to technical analysts at SentimenTrader. See full story.


To get better at money, you have to get better at life. You have to make the effort to understand the world, finance, the economy, and most importantly, yourself. That is the idea behind Mastering Your Money MarketWatch’s new live free event series that kicks off February 3rd. See full story.

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