Inflation is rising and so are investors’ fears about stocks

These are the last days of small government and the Biden administration will make sure of that


Stocks actually are an inflation hedge but the market doesn’t see it that way. See full story.

I pay my boyfriend rent and help run his property business. He takes my commissions and won’t discuss marriage. What can I do?

‘Six months ago, I became very frustrated and made a few spreadsheets: one documenting the rent I have paid over the last 10 years, one for all of the unpaid labor.’ See full story.

How to help Texas: Where to donate to help people without power, heat and water as extreme cold batters the South

‘As with most disasters, disaster experts recommend cash donations as they allow for on-the-ground agencies to direct funds.’ See full story.

Bitcoin market value tops $1 trillion for first time ever as crypto price soars

The world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency hit a record high on Friday, propelling it to a market value above $1 trillion for the first time ever. See full story.

Biden says he’s open to making his $1.9 trillion aid plan ‘cheaper’

President Joe Biden makes remarks during a visit to a Pfizer plant in the swing state of Michigan that is producing the drug maker’s COVID-19 vaccine. See full story.


‘The market’s outlook seems to suggest that the days of all-time low rates may be a thing of the past.’ See full story.

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