Investors think there’s more chance Tesla and bitcoin will halve than double, warns Deutsche Bank

These are the last days of small government and the Biden administration will make sure of that


Two plays that worked out exceedingly well for investors in 2020 are making them wary as a new year kicks off, says our call of the day from Deutsche Bank. See full story.

‘I’m 73 and fed up with California and want a gun-friendly, affordable city with good weather — so where should I retire?’

Some hidden gems to consider in Georgia, New Mexico and Arkansas. See full story.

Yellen says smartest thing to do now is ‘act big’ to help struggling Americans

Janet Yellen, President-elect Joe Biden’s pick for Treasury secretary, said the smartest thing to do is to ‘act big’ to help struggling Americans See full story.

Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in America

Bill Gates may no longer be the world’s richest man, but he can claim a new title: America’s farmland king. See full story.

We are learning more about diversity at tech companies, but it isn’t good news

As they face continued calls to diversify their workforces, tech companies are increasingly disclosing demographics and pay information, but for the most part those numbers have shown little progress amid high-profile controversies. See full story.


‘In 2008, we lost virtually everything in the Great Recession, and have rebuilt our assets into a reasonable position.’ See full story.

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