Is Bernie Sander’s Meme Sweatshirt Worth the Buy? Yes, It Is. | The Simple Dollar

Is Bernie Sander's Meme Sweatshirt Worth the Buy? Yes, It Is. | The Simple Dollar

So, the internet is resetting, as Wired reported late last week. The cause? A charming, Bernie Sanders inauguration meme. Although Wednesday’s inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris had memorable moments, one is still standing out. 

Here’s what happened.  Before Biden’s swearing, people began to tweet images of Bernie Sanders sitting in a folding chair while socially distancing and wearing a simple parka with mittens. It took no time for meme-creators to bask in the opportunity (and glory) of photoshopping the image of the Democratic Senator and inserting it into a bunch of scenes, from the Iron Throne to a WWE wrestling match.

Bernie was fast to react, not by delivering a clever tweet. No, that wouldn’t be memorable. He turned it into a charitable opportunity valued at $45. That’s right. A crewneck sweatshirt featuring the image that made him famous on Wednesday was available to purchase on his website.   

Before you grow skeptical about this and venture to the site, the meme-inspired line is already sold out, and no comments have been released on whether Sander’s team will restock. But since you’re here after reading the headline, let’s talk about the Bernie sweatshirt. 

Here’s why the $45 are worth it: 

  • 100% of the proceeds will go towards Meals on Wheels Vermont 
  • In 2018, the non-profit served 1,696 individuals. 217,805 meals were delivered. 
  • The material is 100% organic cotton and was made in the U.S.
  • The winter forecast looks pretty grim despite the warmer temperatures, so the sweatshirt will come in handy. You know it’s true. 
  • Although regular sweatshirts are between $10-$30 on average (based on Walmart and Amazon prices), custom ones reach the $40 mark (based on Etsy prices.) 
  • Typical politician merchandise or swag has sold for a lot more in the past — hint: Jeb Bush’s $75 guacamole bowl sold during his 2015 campaign. 

In case you miss out on purchasing the sweatshirt or his other merch, including t-shirts with the printed meme, his site offers other tops and accessories that let you show your support.

Image credit: Bernie Sanders Campaign Store

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