We were ‘dangerously close’ to collapse of ‘entire system,’ says Interactive Brokers founder ahead of GameStop hearing

These are the last days of small government and the Biden administration will make sure of that


Thomas Peterffy, founder and chairman of Interactive Brokers Group Inc., on Wednesday explained the dire situation in which the market stood in late January as individual investors on social-media platforms were banding together to send a handful of heavily shorted stocks dramatically higher. See full story.

If you want to get rich with marijuana stocks, you need to know the crucial difference between U.S. and Canadian companies

U.S. companies are overlooked by many investors. But any state and federal legalization favors them over Canadian rivals, fund managers say. See full story.

Rick Perry says Texans would rather go without electricity than give the federal government more power over them

The former U.S. energy secretary and one-time Texas governor was speaking ‘partly rhetorically,’ said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy See full story.

Biden, labor leaders talk coronavirus aid, infrastructure at White House meeting

President Joe Biden on Wednesday discussed his coronavirus-aid package and infrastructure with labor leaders, continuing a push for two of his top agenda items. See full story.

The IRS says it’s done sending stimulus checks for now — here’s how to get your money if you were eligible and missed out

The IRS issued more than 307 million direct payments worth a combined $412 billion during the first and second round of stimulus checks. See full story.


‘She’s putting in about 15 to 20 hours each week. The two families have shared the costs of the curriculum, school supplies and art supplies.’ See full story.

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